Friday, May 21, 2010

Romance 101

Lately, I've been consumed with thoughts of Romance, and I can't exactly pinpoint the reason why.  I love my hubby and he loves me, which is always a good start.  We're pretty good about expressing our feelings for one another, so there's no real serious issue there.  So maybe it's the lack of time we have together to show those feelings.  Busy, conflicting work schedules leave us with only one shared day off together.  Now I'm not complaining, I know how blessed we are to be gainfully employed during these very challenging economic times, but darn it, I miss my husband!   

So recently it hit me:  How else can one obtain Romance?

That's where the movie Under the Tuscan Sun comes into play, yes, a "chick-flick," Ladies and Gents.  Romance is everywhere in the movie, but it's not a literal translation of the word, meaning a romantic relationship between man and woman.  In Under the Tuscan Sun, Romance is truly in the eye of the beholder:  the friendships, the food, the Italian customs, the language, the scenery, and the music -- I found Romance everywhere.

So, what does all this gibberish mean, and why did I title this piece "Romance 101"?   Because Romance is basic; it surrounds us.  In everything we do, see, our friendships that we cherish, our family relationships that we nourish, Romance can be found.  Take a moment this weekend to spend time with those you love.  Eat good food, drink great wine, and take in the beautiful Spring scenery -- by Sunday night you'll be bubbling over with Romance.  That is a promise.

For your enjoyment and as a reminder of how accessible Romance is, a film clip from Under the Tuscan Sun.


  1. I completely agree! Well said Mama!

  2. One of my top ten favorite movies. And since I'll be at your place on Sunday, I'm sure I will be bubbling over with all of those things, although I may save the really romantic part for when we get home ;). Great blog!