Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just Say No . . . to Mom Jeans

Stop the press!  Alert the media!  Singer (and actress?) Jessica Simpson's wearing Mom Jeans. 

Where was I late January 2009, when Jessica's fashion faux pas made headline news?  Did you hear about it?  Do you recall where you were when this earth-shattering news hit the airwaves?  Probably not, huh.  Well, I finally heard about it a year and three months post incident, when my cousin brought the story to my attention.  Now, my cousin and I are both grandmothers and relatively young considering the title we hold, and we'd like to think we are somewhat hip, so the term Mom Jeans really ticked us off.

"Write an article about jeans...Grandma Jeans," she said.  "And include some tips on how to select the perfect pair."  Gosh darn it! (Grandma-speak) I'll do it, I thought, and I'm going to prove to the world (or maybe just the three people who read my blog) that both moms and grandmas alike can be sexy jean-wearing women...Grandma fashionistas!

So here are a few tips from an amateur stylist, and I've also included a few do's and dont's pictures.

"The jeans that broke the Camel's back." 
Jessica Simpson (not a mom) in her high-waist jeans.  
She could have pulled the look off had she left the chunky
belt at home and gone for a dark-wash jean instead. 

Look at Jennifer Lopez, a real life mom.
She's got curves just like Jessica, but she looks
fantastic in her high-waist, dark-wash jeans.

 Katie Holmes, mom...and one of the skinniest women
in Hollywood. But you can't tell!  Ladies, a lighter 
shade of denim on your thighs or buttocks, makes that
portion of your body look bigger. If you're sans 
"booty," then go for it, otherwise, stay with a 
solid denim or, at most, a slight fade of color.  As
for the cuffs, they subtract from her height and the
chunky belt is frumpy.  Pair the belt with skinny jeans 
or a low-waist jean, and you've got yourself a winner!

Katie Holmes looking elegant and sophisticated
in her dark-wash J Brand jeans.  Amazing choice!

I know Fergie's look is tempting, Ladies, but skip
the trends and the Bling.  Even if you're petite, shop in 
the women's section in a nice department store or boutique.
Forget junior's and Forever 21.

Sarah Palin (Mom and Grandma) looks great in her dark-wash
jeans, with a slight hint of faded color.  Classic cut, low, 
but not too low of a waist.  
She looks comfortable and down to earth.  I like it!

If I believed in the term Mom Jeans, this picture of 
Bette Midler, who is a mom, would fit the bill.  Her 
jeans are way too baggy up front, and I just don't like the 
light-wash jeans paired with the dark brown sweater.  Also, 
although the waistline is hidden, I bet it stops at her navel or right 
above it.  A high-waist, baggy jean is often the cause of 
a "front-end" pooch.  Dare to go for a lower waistline, Ladies!

And finally, my favorite jeans, AG Jeans, worn by Oprah 
(not a mom) during a segment about finding the perfect jeans.  
Oprah has lots of curves and she looks fantastic.  Wide leg, 
low waist, and even the lighter color wash works.
My best advice:  Next time you venture out shopping, looking for that perfect pair of jeans, try an upscale store that offers client consultation by a stylist.  State your price range, and don't be shy.  Jeans can range anywhere from $50 to $250 and up.  Don't fall in love with that $250 pair if you can't afford them.  Also, take some magazine or internet pictures with you if you have a desired look, and make sure you try on the jeans with the right shoe. With just a little time and money invested, I bet you'll walk out of that store with the perfect pair of jeans!


  1. I definitely agree with your advice. But Mom, don't you have enough Sarah Palin pictures on your blog? I feel like I see her on every post of yours! LOL. Also, why are you picking on Bette Midler. She can wear what she likes and she still amazing! Love you.

    P.S. You should put up picks of your jeans cause they always rock!

  2. Bette is fab, but let's face it, she could use some of my tips. And regarding Sarah Palin, to be fair, I searched high and low for a picture of our First Lady in jeans. She tends to wear mostly denim in shades other than the traditional blue. I promise to maintain a bipartisan blog whenever possible! :)

  3. I have jeans that go from from one end of the spectum to the other, but thankfully none to rival Ms. Bette or poor Jessica as I tossed out the " mom" jeans. I'll have to keep your advice in mind though!

    Luv, G- ma # 2

  4. Excellent article! I need new jeans (but I need to lose some fab grandma flab first!), so I'll be checking back soon.

  5. Great article and I agree with you about shopping at department stores for jeans. I'm all about budgets & savings money but when it comes to jeans I know which ones I like and which ones make my butt look great... Sevens & Hudson Jeans are my top picks right now.