Friday, April 30, 2010

A Second Bite of The Big Apple

In a few short weeks, the hubby and I are going back to NYC.  We were just there a couple of weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with the city and its energy.  Life's opportunities sure do increase once the kids have flown the coop; we can vacation whenever and wherever our hearts desire.  In my first post, dated April 21, 2010, I featured our visit to NYC and the Plaza Hotel, which is where we stayed.  The hotel was beautiful, the Central Park location was incredible, and we would love to stay there again, but it's booked solid.  (I'm sure there's a penthouse available, but I could only imagine the cost.)  So, this time the hubby selected a boutique hotel, The Sherry-Netherland Hotel, which is in the same vicinity as the Plaza, but is ranked slightly lower at 4 1/2 stars.  Check out the pictures below.  I don't think we will be disappointed in our choice, do you?

A view from above reveals the beauty of the architectural detail.

A welcoming entrance with a historic touch.

The Hotel's main lobby...exquisite!

Each of the hotel's rooms are individually decorated, so you'll have to check back a few weeks from now to view our accommodations.  For more details on the hotel go to

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  1. Looks beautiful. Again, I'm very jealous. Can't wait to hear about this trip. Love you!